Digital Archiving 


Tucked away in every household are boxes of invaluable family photographs, film and documents. Unfortunately, this important history is all subject to the degradation of time and is often damaged or destroyed.

Today you are able to preserve these memories and historical documentation using a digital format. Digitalization has a number of advantages including the ability to archive, reproduce, enhance and share your irreplaceable family history.


Unlike other companies Life on Film brings our scanning service to you. This is for families or groups wishing to archive a large number of images. It allows you to assist in the organisation process and ensures that no important historical photographs leave the safety of your house.


At Home Scanning Services

All photographs, film and documents are scanned at high resolutions on professional quality flatbed scanners. This ensures that they can be viewed on all media and later printed at the largest appropriate sizes.

35mm Film/Slides/Photographs/Documents

Scanning of film negatives, slides, photographs and documents is available to all people creating a Life on Film video. These can be archived, printed or used in your film

Photo Restoration

Damaged photographs and documents can often be restored digitally with surprisingly impressive results. The cost of this is dependent on the extent of the damage and needs to be quoted per item.

At Home Scanning Services