Our Process

A Life on Film takes a television documentary approach to scripting, producing and delivering your individual film. Prior to the interview, we work with you and your family to develop a storyboard and collect personal media taken across your lifetime. The interview is recorded at a comfortable location of your choice and filmed using two professional grade cameras, sound and lighting. Lastly, the film goes through an editing and post-production process before being delivered to you on high quality DVD, USB and online formats.

3. The Interview

We visit you in a location of your choosing and conduct the interview. We film using two professional grade cameras, audio and lighting.

2. Pre-Production

In consultation with you and family members we create a detailed storyboard of the key moments of your life.  

1. Contact us

Send us an enquiry online or give us a call and we will discuss the various packages and video options we have on offer.

4. The edit

We edit your interview footage into an engaging narrative by only keeping in the key moments. 

5. Final touches

We add music, photos and any digitalized home footage that you have have collected across your lifetime. 

6. Delivery

We deliver the final product to you with a personalized DVD, USB and shareable online link so that it may be enjoyed by you and the entire family.