We think preserving stories is extremely valuable and keep our costs as affordable as possible while maintaining a professional quality video. See below for pricing on packages, additional services and digital archiving. 

Single - $2500

Couple - $2900

Single - $3900

Couple - $4400

Single - $5400

Couple - $6000

Life Story

Life Story


Life Doc


Additional Services

We want your film to represent your story in the way that you imagine. Depending on your requirements further planning, filming and editing may be needed . Each film is different and the below prices should be treated as estimations. 



While the planning and filming of a documentary provides the backbone of a project, the real work is done in the editing room. The number of editing days required is always dependent on the quantity of footage. 

Half Day edit - $350

Full Day edit - $500

Pre - Production

Pre-production is an important stage in the planning of a film. It ensures that we capture everything we need on the day of filming. Depending on the project more time may be required at this stage. 


Half Day Planning  - $250

Full Day Planning   -  $400


Additional shooting may be needed to capture further interviews, an important event or valuable knowledge of history. The below pricing includes a professional grade camera, lenses and audio.   


Half Day Shoot with equipment - $500

Full Day Shoot with equipment -  $900


We offer a number of extra products that can be ordered on top of your package prices.


 Unedited Life Story - $300

USB giftboxes - $60 per item

 DVD and USB giftbox - $90 per item

Scanning and Digital Archiving - See list below


To convert your photographs, film or documents to a digital format, Life on Film uses professional high resolution flatbed scanners. 

All photographs, film and documents are scanned at high resolutions for archival purposes. This ensures that they can be viewed on all media and later printed at the largest appropriate sizes


35mm Film/Slides/Photographs/Documents

Scanning of individual film, photographs and documents is available to all people creating a Life on Film video. 

35mm film / slides – $2.50 per image                   Photographs and Documents – $3.00 per image

At home Service

Unlike other companies Life on Film can also bring the scanning service to your home. This service is for families wishing to archive a large number of images. It allows you to assist in the organization process and ensures that no important family history needs to leave the safety of your house.

Half day - $300                                                           Full Day - $500

Photo Restoration

Damaged photographs and documents can often be restored digitally with surprisingly impressive results. The cost of this is dependent on the extent of the damage and needs to be quoted per item.

From $35.

Digital Archiving