Community Stories

Our films preserve the stories of people and places that define our community and culture. 

Life on Film captures the histories of local groups, clubs, institutions or individuals who have played an essential part in the communities in which we live. We think that understanding our local history is an important part of defining our future.


Recognise the legacy of remarkable individuals in your community

Community institutions, clubs and groups are held together by individuals, some of whom who have dedicated an incredible portion of their lives to building, maintaining and defining the places most important to us.


Alongside recognition for this effort, professionally documenting the stories of these individuals preserves important community history.


These films can be watched at significant events and be kept so that future members can understand their own place within the community institution, club or group. 

Please see our packages page for some different ways you can capture these invaluable stories.


Record the story of your community institution, club or group.

In addition to recording the stories of individuals, we create documentaries about the histories of the places essential to the makeup of our local communities. These can include - but are not limited to - sports clubs, religious organisations, community groups and local establishments.


Like with individual stories, these films are perfect for milestone events, putting on your club website, or just for the preservation of important community history.

Please contact us to discuss how you can record the history your community institution, club or group.