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Our stories are our life’s footprints. They define who we are and tell those close to us where they come from. They are our history, our identity and our legacy.

Life on Film is a Melbourne based production company that professionally records the stories of everyday local Australians. Whether it is your story, the story of someone in your family or the story of an important member of your community, we create films that can be enjoyed now and for generations to come.


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Our Story

Lachlan McLeod  is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His films have taken him across the world and have been broadcast in festivals, online and on television. He is also the founder of ‘Life on Film’.

As a filmmaker I have always been captivated by the powerful role that stories play within the family and community: their unique ability to build a sense of history, identity and belonging. Yet it wasn’t until recently that I turned the camera on my own family.

When my grandmother became ill my dad asked me to help him to professionally record her life story. Of course, I said yes without giving it too much thought. However, the process of creating the film was surprisingly personal and taught me a lot of new things about my grandmother's life. This didn’t just include the details of her history, but also abstract ideas like who we were as a family and her perspectives on what was important in life. I finished the film and soon after my grandmother died.

I felt that what we had done in capturing her story was deeply important and I came up with the idea of 'Life on Film'. My hope is that through this enterprise we are able to help other people come to the same realisations I did by preserving the stories close to them.

Lachlan McLeod
Founder of 'Life on Film'